MUSIC- A changing Trend

Marriages are really special and this has been a season of marriages really. I have been attending a few marriages of my friends and relatives in the past month. All the stuff that has been traditionally followed like performing poojas, tying the knot, warm welcome to the guests, and of course the dinner were intact. One notable difference in the 3 marriages that I recently attended was the one that like the most. That’s the one that sweeps through the hearts of many people. It’s nothing but light music. Many across the world would love listening to music whenever they need peace of mind.  The 3 special occasions had 3 different kinds of Light music. The first one had a few singers singing film songs, the second one had two girls singing carnatic songs( i did not understand a bit of it though) and the third one had just the instrumentals of a few melodies from movies.

Why am I stressing about the music of 3 kinds?? As I mentioned earlier music is being heard by many for peace of mind. Relatives meet on these occasions after a long time. In the present scenario, people hardly find time to meet regularly and speak to each other. Sometimes the music on these occasions has been a disturbance to people who meet there. I am obviously not speaking about the second and third ones. Also sometimes people don’t sing properly and music lovers get irritated by that. One of my friends actually told me that songs that the pair liked were played using a player. I think this is a good one as the originality won’t be lost and many would like it and also the Carnatic concert and instrumentals could also be a good choice. What do u think friends??

Sorry if i had hurt the sentiments of any singers.

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  1. Hi da…

    I think…..

    I think…..

    I think….

    Kalyana saappadu unakku romba pidikkum pola…


  2. this is a really sensible topic in the current scenario.the purpose of music is becoming highly commercial these days and especially in marriages.i have come across many people who resort to such music bands and orchestras just to show off their status inspite of their disinterest and inability to afford it.hope this situation changes in future.

  3. hmm ya,
    even i had the same feeling.. I become really irritated with so much noise.. where you could note even hear what the other person says to you. A wedding is a place where you get together with all after long, good old times.. so i think we shud have a much more peaceful enviroment to talk and laugh over things. ..

  4. music has always had some changes da…. traditional carnatic followers will certainly not like the concerts of sudha raghunathan or nithyashree…. whn carnatic itself keeps changing why not the light music….

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