Will this ever happen???

7/7/08 morning 6 am i woke up to the most weirdest dreams of all time. I would be the most happiest person in the world if it ever happens. What gr8 dream is that?? Y is it so special?? This was my dream. I go to Church on a New Year Eve for a special prayer. I just sat down for the prayer. Then came 2 people near me to teach me how to pray. Surprising thing is that those 2 people happened to be a Hindu priest and a Muslim Baba. They had a ghee lamp in their hand and asked me to lit it for the Jesus who had Prophet The Mohammed and Lord Muruga for his company. I was totally stunned. This dream might seem so stupid and comical, but I really loved it. I am for that to happen. May all religion in this world unite and eradicate the caste system. Jai Hind.


4 thoughts on “Will this ever happen???

  1. mokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkka………..
    manasu la yenna…… gandhi nu nenappa???????????????


  2. dreams are quirkyand funny as they are always…. but your desire that all religions should unite should not jus pass away as a dream… hope the world looks prettier that way…


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