Care and Affection

I decided to blog on this issue after seeing so many friends of mine behave in a similar way. People get close to someone, be it a girl or a boy, for different reasons. They get close to them due to certain features like speaking frankly, being bubbly, always smiling, being very cheerful, and bringing charm to the people around them. But once they become close, their attitude towards the other person changes. In the name of POSSESSIVENESS want them to stop doing it to others. Why do people stop their friends from doing what they liked in them?? Is this real love, care and affection?? why do they kill the kid inside the person in the name of possessiveness?

8 thoughts on “Care and Affection

  1. possessiveness is one devil… but sometimes we confuse caring about a person with being possessive…

    take this example…
    ” if our girl goes for a disc with a couple of guys, we might feel justified in asking her about the guys…. but to her, u ll pose the image of being possessive or even doubting her”

    a perfect understanding is what is needed for a relationship to flourish

  2. Possessiveness is a way of showing love… it can b there… but that itself should not b d reason behind the end up of relation….

    it can within a limit…

  3. if u love something,jus let it free…..if it comes back to you,it will always be yours…if it never returns,it was never yours to begin with….
    🙂 makes a lot of sense when thought over

  4. I would say the main reason for a person being possessive is INSECURITY.. Ironically, the more v r possessive, the more v make our friends(or wat ever) struggle to be free.
    Start trusting people whom u care for, for sure possessiveness ll vanish.

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