The Elusive Gold – Abhinav Bindra

In many Indian movies, we hear our heroes roar “We are a population of more than a billion and we still can’t find a person who can make the country proud by winning an Olympic gold medal”. At last, India has found that “One in a billion”. The credit goes to Abhinav Bindra who has done the whole of India proud by clinching the Gold in the 10m air rifle event in the Beijing 2008 Olympics. I am sure that this is the beginning of a new India in the world of sports. When the religion of Indian Sports Cricket is struggling the other sports are shining. India has made it to the finals of AFC challenge. A win here could take us through to the Asia Cup tournament. I pray to God that this gold paves way for more Glory for Indian sports.

I have wondered many times why India is struggling to win a medal in the Olympics despite having a huge population. A scene from saw Taare Zameen Par explains the reason behind this. Amir Khan is happy about the protagonist’s(Darsheel) talent in drawing and creative thinking and would show the work to the father of the child, the father would ask what’s the use of it? How can he make a living out of it yeah, this is what is happening in India. There is no professionalism in sports, sports are seen as a gateway to a government job. Unless the government thinks about it we can’t think of many more medals.

Abhinav Bindra winning India’s first gold

But for now, let’s hail the Champ Abhinav. Jai Hind! What’s even greater is that this achievement comes at a time we are about to celebrate our Independence Day in 4 days’ time…….

6 thoughts on “The Elusive Gold – Abhinav Bindra

  1. :):)

    But me sad over..
    China getting so many medals.. but india struggling to get few medals tooo..

    Am not sad over china getting medals.. but india not getting it..


  2. Where there is politics – sport cannot survive.

    Abinav Bindra applied his considerable funds to his own training and hence he’s been able to achieve this fate. Not everyone has such massive resources to spend on training. If the government and corporate sponsors would support athletes rather than stupid money-hungry cricketers, perhaps the sad state of Indian sport could see improvement.

  3. He had all the facilities at his disposal. He used it well and all credit to him. He didn’t react much also after winning. I think in the last Olympics also he came close. Nice start 🙂
    As for the Indian Politics, its become a traditional thing n God knows when sense will prevail.

  4. hey dude…. why do u blame the govt. for India not winning the awards… do u think, in US or Russia, the govt supports the participants with funds ?

    Indian are basically poor, yet talented… thatz the disablity we have from not reaching hts in par with other developed nation… plz don’t blame Indian govt for every possible thingiee… 🙁

    1. African nations are much poorer than us. yet they shine well…. in one form or the other sport… and also here the parents insist on settling down rather..

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