The True Maharaj

I dont know if its good to be a popular celebrity. The media’s spotlight is always upon u. Each and every movement of yours is monitored. Your private life is no more private. your children aren spared either. U can’t emote ur anguish. U have got to patient irrespective of whatever is being written or told about u. Sometimes this continuous spotlight on u can cause ur downfall or in fact end ur career. Y am i speaking all these stuffs??? I know its answer myself. The power of media has just broken down the Phoenix of Indian Cricket The DADA the Maharaj, the bengal tiger and God of off side “Sourav Ganguly”.


I am not a great fan of the former India captain but i am not a person who hates him. I accept i wanted him out of the team be4 but not after his all famous comeback against Sa in 2006 and proved everyone including me wrong. I am a decent critic of Ganguly. He has been one of the greatest ODI batsmen. 11 on the off side i firmly believe that he can score a boundary thro the off side. His Man management skills can be documented that will be very helpful for any management student. He is the best example for fighting back and getting ur place back. He as a captain instilled faith and fearlessness in the mind of Indians. We started winning abroad. Famous bare chested shirt swinging act showed his aggression. he always gives back what he got from others. He feared nobody. Greg was a dark phase in his life. The man so called coach spoiled India and Ganguly’s career.


He started his captaincy when India was in a crisis. He led bravely and his captaincy record speaks for that.I went to MAC Chennai Superkings Vs KKR only to see his captaincy. I am really out of words. only thing that comes to my mind is Who is next in line??? I cant imagine seeing Cricket after knowing the fact that the God of Cricket “Sachin”, the wall “Dravid”, the ver very Special laxman won play here after. For now hail the Maharaj. Hope this being his last series spurs on others to perform well rather than adding pressure on other Seniors as told by Azhar, and Ponting. I hope the media does the job of reporting alone and let the great players decide the retirement on their own.  Will the media person retire if they pronounce one word wrongly or reports late for an interview or if the most people don like watching them??? Its their profession they ll carry on till they have the desire to report or interview same is the case with Sportsmen too.

The phoenix
The phoenix

Hail the Maharaj of Indian Cricket…….. All the best Dada……….. My heart is really heavy…. I am literally out of words…. A true Leader………… THE REAL MAHARAJ

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  1. The indian cricket is goin to loose a master performer in leading de indian team….. v all gonna miss a wonderful performer …… but i think this is de best moment to quit…… hats off to my sweet saurav……….

  2. I’m very much moved by this.. Really, its a worthy honor for Dada.Your views about the press are also absolutely correct..Every thing has become commercial these days..Media exaggerates each and every celebrity’s privacy and creates a wrong opinion to the public.I had a very lil bit of desire whether he’ll stay at least playing test matches.. Your blog is simply great. keep goin.

  3. ofcourse what u told is absolutely true.. “I am a decent critic of Ganguly” and a honest blog.. and well said about media.. few more abt ganguly:

    v Sourav Ganguly family is among the five richest families in Kolkata.

    v Sourav Ganguly was a typical Cancerian, Sourav was very mischievous as a child. He was petrified of dogs as a kid!

    v When Sourav was young, his parents thought to make him an engineer or a doctor!

    v Sourav is a natural right hander and does everything, except bat with his right hand. Sourav learned to play with his left hand from his elder brother, Snehasish, from whom he learned to play cricket.

    v Sourav was first selected in the Bengal Ranji team, at the expense of his brother, Snehashish.

    v His home in Behala, Kolkata has 48 rooms and his family owns 32 cars (wow, that’s a lot)!

    v There is an apartment complex in Kolkata, India which is named after Sourav. It is called the ‘Sourav Housing Complex.

    v Sourav’s first love was not cricket. In fact, it was football and he admits, that even today, he’d rather watch football than cricket on TV. Sourav wanted to be a football player, but he took up cricket because his elder brother was a cricketer.

    v Sourav maintains a diary in Bengali. Also he is very religious person and prays before every match.

    v Following Tendulkar’s footsteps, Sourav opened a three-storey restaurant, Sourav’s – The Food Pavilion in Calcutta’s posh Park Street inaugurated by Sachin Tendulkar in 2004.

    v Sourav is is very fond of Alu Posto and Chingri Macher Malaikari, both typically Bengali dishes.

    v India have never lost a Test match in which Sourav scored a century.

    v After playing in two or three ODIs, Sourav was dropped from the Indian side, because of his “arrogant attitude”.

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