Let his wish come true

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Whose wish am i gonna write about? Its about the wish of a gr8 man who is few hours away from knowing whats in store for him at a Kodak Arena. I think most of u could have got it now. Yeah its the wish of AR Rahman who started it all with the block bluster ROJA that i am going to write about. What wish is it? Is it about winning the Oscars?? No i am not talking about his wish of winning the Oscars for India. I am talking about his wish which won him honors from various corners and also the National award for conveying a the most important message thro one of his master piece with was a part in the famous movie “Kannathil Mutham ittal”. It s the song “Vellai pokkal ulagam engum malaravey” (“Let the peace spread all over the word”). Incidentally it happens to be my caller tune also. Hope the word peace and anti terrorism start spreading even faster from today(22/2/09). The day i am pretty much certain that the master is going to win the Oscars for India.


Jai Hind!!!! Lets save this world for the future generation!!!!

Update: Our mozart has won the Oscar now. Should he not be given Bharat Ratna now??

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