IPL 2 – A Talent Hunt

“IPL has changed the way the Indians play their cricket. It has created a winning attitude in them” – Andrew Flintoff

Yeah it has certainly done the things that Freddie and many others say. It unleashed so many talents in India and also all around the world like Raina(Comeback platform), Y. Pathan, R. Jadeja(fielder par excellence) , Team spirit ( Rajasthan Royals), Gony(overcame all personal problem), Shaun Marsh (find of the season) etc etc… I have named just a few. Main thing the Ipl succeeded was bringing crowds in larger nos. to the stadium which included ladies ( cant see many in test matches and ODIs). India all of a sudden became a strong team in ODIs. We had great bench strength which according to me is the greatest positive out of IPL 1. India have a reasonable back up for every player now. The crowds reaction was awesome. I am proud to be a CSK fan who were appreciated by players from all the teams for their support for quality cricket. (remember the reaction of chennai crowd after Pakistan victory in 1999).

So what can we expect out of IPL 2 as it has moved out of India??? Its a simple small question which has many mind blowing beautiful answers. i would like to focus on thing which according to me is the biggest positive that will come out of IPL 2. The thing that i am talking about is adaptability. Yes IPL 2 is bound to act as a talent hunt according to me. What will happen to the Indian team once Sachin, dravid and laxman hang up their boots. India will be in need of players who can adapt quickly to foreign conditions. It is the biggest question right in front of us and this IPl is a good oppurtunity for us to test it. As IPL is organised in a short duration people need to adapt very quickly. this can be used as a test for certain players to prove their worth in bouncy pace tracks of SA(they seemed to be slow in the SA-AUS series though). Though i would miss the live action of IPL. i will still pray and support CSk or MI to win the IPL…. Hope India finds more suitable, Stable and reliable talents this time also…..

There is also so much money involved… i am waiting to see any person who has slept in platforms to attend cricket trails (Kamran khan)…. could he be the next Slumman millionaire?? ha ha ha used a careful text so that nobody files a case on me…. Jai Ho……


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