Has the eyes really opened?

“Heeeeeellllllllllloooooooooo” after a pause “can everyone hear me?” screamed a voice that must have certainly taken many by surprise or even shocked when they get to hear this in an office premises. Next moment the man continued “What is the significance of this day?”. Any replies. Please don expect the unexpected. ha ha ha. None opened their mouth. The voice continued “I am shocked. Today its world Environment day. Okay how many know that today is that day?” . Surprisingly few hands went up. Man whats happening. People don’t remember such an important day? yeah that’s the bitter truth. The man from the Environment friendly organisation quoted few dangerous examples for Global warming. Then he left. People continued with their work. But something interesting and heart warming happened on the same day. There were free saplings for distributing which ran out of stock within minutes. Thanks people for your interest but there is long way to go.

Also the next morning i saw in the Newspapers that India to spend this much on the green revolution(obviously with a ? that will it be spent properly?) and Mayor of Madras announcing that every new born child will be given a new sapling to plant. Good beginning Mayor. But i would say these revolution and the need to preserve the world for the future needs to be done in school. Let them know the dangers that we are about to face.

Avoid plastics…..                                                                          Save the earth for the future…………..

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