2 States – A Big Question Mark?

2 States. Guess what am i going to blog about? The 2 states book by Chetan bhagat – Naah, it was interesting indeed but i have read enough blogs and review on that. Then is it about the riots going on all over India regarding diving a state into 2 states?? Not certainly. There are more people interested in garnering attention than me.

Then what else is this Idiot talking about?? its about the the torturous 2 states of our mind. Yeah even to write on this i was bit caught in 2 minds. Whether to write or not. When ever we are stuck we always tend to choose the safer way and not the one with an element of risk. Y is it so?? People question me wen i take that route. Would it not be much interesting to involve an elementary of Risk in our lives? Just pour in views.

Is it good to experience this 2 confusing factors within us? Ah this is confusing me even more guys.

One thought on “2 States – A Big Question Mark?

  1. Hi

    Personally, I cannt say i liked the book …. it is marginally good…

    besides that, talking abt ur review (i.e review on ur review) …. nice neat and crisp

    U have added another perspective to the title… cool


    Sangeetha 🙂

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