Silent Honor by Danielle Steel

Have you ever wondered what and how will you feel when you are left all alone in Karachi or Lahore when India and Pakistan are at war? If you like to experience the thrill of it, Danielle Steels’ Silent honor is the book that you have to read rather than experience. Hats off to steel for bringing out such a beautiful book.

Sneak Preview of the book:
Hiroko, a traditionally brought-up Japanese girl goes to the USA to fulfill her dad’s wish of studying in the States for at least a period of  1 year. She finds herself in a land filled with people with prejudiced thoughts. None are friendly to her neither in her school nor in other places. The only place where she was herself and enjoyed the most was her cousin’s place. That’s where she gets to meet the love of her life, Peter. Tragedy strikes them soon after. Due to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the Japanese immigrants of the US have to undergo huge turmoil. Does Hiroko manage to survive? How does she survive? Where does her fate land her? For more details read this interesting work.

My Review:

Its an excellent work from the author. I basically love war and love stories. This one has a good mix of both love and the sufferings of common people during war. The best part of this story is that the humor has been inserted and right places so that the movie is all that not serious. The love that the lead pair and other pairs share has been well brought out. But at times you feel as though the author has taken a longer route to explain the love, when there was a easier way of saying it.  All the characters in the story play an important and interesting part. The struggle that this little girl had to go through during the 2nd world war that too in the alien land where she totally hated and chased to the very corner of life has been described splendidly so that you really feel pity for her.I always loved the Japanese girls in the Jackie Chan movies i have seen  just because they look like dolls. But the heroine of the story also impressed me a lot with her determination, love and attitude.By reading this book you also get to know some of the Japanese terms (chance to learn a foreign language). The climax has also been drafted well showing the after effects of war. It also reminded me of some feel good Indian movies though. Overall it was a pleasant experience reading this book.

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