Digital Fortress By Dan Brown

You are assigned the task of decoding a complex code that even the Human being’s best-ever decoder was not able to solve. Moreover, you are held hostage by a suspect in your den. Your beloved is not with you; he is in a far-off place and in danger because of your work. You have only your mentor to help you out in this mess? What would it feel like to be in this situation? Just read Digital Fortress By Dan Brown.

Sneak Preview of the Book:

This is a beautiful scientific fiction thriller. Susan a beautiful Cryptographer who works for the NSA is being assigned the secret task of decoding a code (sent by an ex-NSA employee) that was not even decoded by the greatest code-breaking machine “TRANSLTR” by her mentor Trevor Strathmore. As she goes about her job, more mystery unfolds and she realizes that she is caught in a trap. Her sweetheart David Becker is also in danger. Does she manage to crack the code? How she saves herself and her fiancé forms the rest of this exciting thriller from one of the well-known authors.

My Review:

“Dan Brown what an author he is, chanceless”.  “Awesome work from Dan Brown”. These are some of the words that my friends uttered when they hear the name, Dan Brown. This is the first book that I have read written by this author. And yeah I have to agree with my friends for sure. I love edge of the seat thriller movies, so is this story. No wonder his works like DA VINCI CODE and ANGEL and DEMONS have been made into movies. The way that this scientific thriller has been handled speaks volume of this author. The story was so exciting and thrilling and it would not bore you a bit. All the characters in the book catch your attention and keep you engaged to know what would happen to this character. There are tons of twist in the story and keeps you excited all the time. The manner in which the mystery is finally revealed is also splendid I must say. I felt like I was watching an edge of the seat movie as I progressed through this book. A must read for anyone who loves thriller.

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