Sach is Life

In few days another financial year going to end. People running behind each other for investments. Corporates keeping the quarter/annual performance of their companies close to their heart. More and more meetings . All are busy in office with their project. All the employees gather at a place to know the fate of India. I was able to see many biting their nails. Few even praying GOD. In few minutes there was a huge applause. Yeah Sachin becomes the first man to score a double hundred in ODIs. Oops i forgot to add that there were whistles and thunderous roars also.

This is a good proof for the following quote. “In India nothing is bigger than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. And today he showed just why.”

Yes Sach is life. Once peter roebuck wrote in his column that ” He was travelling in train in India. Suddenly the train stopped in a station for more than the normal time. The reason? Even the guard and the driver had got down to see Sach complete his 100. What more Sachin can stop the time in India”.

No wonder Sir Donald Bradman saw himself in the way Sachin bats.

Mat Hayden once famously told the press that I have seen God. He bats at No 4 position for India in test cricket. Such is his value. He truly deserves all the adulations. Sach i am proud to be an Indian and I am proud to be your fan. Forever Sachin. I don even know if i will keep watching cricket after you hang your boots. One thing is for sure. Cricket is never going to be the same for me with out u. I wish you carry on playing on and on though this is selfish and greedy. But for u nothing is impossible.

SALUTE THE GOD… LOVE U SACHIN… You deserve a Bharat Ratna

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