2 Minutes

“Instant” is the most popular word now. Instant masala, instant mix, instant noodles and now the recent addition to that list is instant friendship. Define Friendship? Each person would define friendship in their own way. My way of looking at friendship is “A relationship which is above all the other relationships in life and where there are no expectations besides lending ears and soft words to soothe the pain and enjoy the achievements”. According to me, the term friend has almost lost its meaning in the present world. People think friendship is all about enjoying and having fun with each other. But is that all about friendship? There is much more to it.  You can share things with a friend that I dare you can’t or won’t share with your better half and parents.

I am writing this out of extreme disappointment that people say they are too busy to make 2 minutes for a friend? More than that friendship today has been more of a use-and-throw stuff. Be with that friend till you can get some help from them and then chuck him out.

Ha, but I must confess that I am blessed with at least a few angels around me who are not so. People, please start respecting others’ feelings too. Stand by those who stood by you in troubled times. Even if you are busy, connect with them once in a while and say Hi. If a friend reaches out to you after years do not show face to them, still welcome them with a pleasant smile and open arms.

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