Hail Buchanan

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Hail Buchanan!!!! I mean it. Not for this achievements with the aussie team but for his multi captain theory. Recently Sangakkara was banned for one match for slow over rate. So could Sachin also face the same fate if MI once again fail to complete their quota of overs in the time given. If there are multiple captains in the team, which captain will the referee punish. i suppose u cant puish more than one person. 😉 just got a quick thought on this. Should buchanan not be hailed for this??

Slow over rate punishment was introduced as slow over rate kills viewer interest. But i feel even this adds an interesting aspect to the Game of T20. The people on top should recognise the pressure that the teams are in when they play a High Voltage T20 and that too in franchise concept where crores are more important than scores. Time to wake up authorities. T20 can never have a dull aspect.

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  1. I think capatain shoudl be given an extra time to breathe.This all slow over rate thing is useless in T 20’s.If a bowler is taken to cleaners a captain has no choice to tae his time in setting the fielding

  2. But which captain will come out for the toss??

    1. Each match ll have a captain da… that ll be fun…

  3. Haha 😀 crores and scores nice 🙂

    1. wrote this line keeping u in mind….

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