Double Image By David Morrell

You should be cautious about every step that you take. The more you want to move away from something, the more it keeps coming near you. Can your passion and curiosity to explore the hidden truths land you in a big trouble? Everyone around you are in trouble because of you. How to get out of this mess? Just read Double Image by David Morrell.

Sneak Preview of the book:

Coltrane an award winning photographer whose job is to take photographs of the crimes committed by criminals in war ravaged countries. He escapes near death and some how manages to save his life. He wants to change track and start taking pictures to show beauty and not sorrow as he has been taking so far. But someone wants him dead and follows him like his shadow. Who is the killer? Does the killer succeed in his mission?

My Review about the book:

The crime thriller has enough stuff in it to keep you interested in reading the book. David Morrell has presented the thriller in a very interesting manner. But i don’t know why the author has to combine 2 stories into one? I felt that the book was a master piece for the first half and the second half was just dragging taking us into a totally different plot. I probably think that the author thought that the second half if written as a separate book will not sell as this piece would have sold. Has there been a movie made(adapted) from this book? But i must say Bollywood directors will be itching to take this book to silver screen for sure. I would rate this say 6 out of 10.

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