Compromise Vs Satisfaction

At last…. Yes At last I am blogging on the most interesting battle that’s being fought so ferociously among the human race. There have always been one conflict or the other in the world like

1) Ram Vs Ravan

2) Peace Vs Terrorism

3) Non Violence Vs Violence.

In each of the above mentioned battles there is a clear differentiation between the good and the bad. But this battle between Compromise and Satisfaction is quite unique. Here, there is no clear demarcation about what is wrong or what is right. In this case, it is more about which is of lesser good or rather what aligns with the situation? This battle is pretty huge and something that needs a close attention is what i feel.

To what extent we can compromise to satisfy one’s need is something that has never been defined. Don’t you think that Mother Nature has compromised enough on her part to satisfy us all? How long she gonna bear all our torture. She has been removed of all the greens and covered with full of dirt and plastics. Have we not realized her fury even after she has expressed it through different means like Tsunami, quakes, famine etc. Don’t you think it’s high time we wake up and address these burning issues.

I was so much impressed with a particular segment in Avatar where Jake tells Eywa “These sky people destroyed all the greens in their world and has come now to do the same here.” bang on Mr. James Cameron. Well said. There can be no better insult to these greedy creatures. Someone said, “The world has enough for everyone’s needsbut not everyone’s greed,”. It’s so straight on our face. yet we continue to sleep rather hibernate.

Better late than never, the corporates and the educational institutes can play a bigger and better role in this mission. It is only through them that we can get back at least 10% of what we have lost so far. They have to understand that these humans can never get satisfied and get straight into action to save the earth for our future generation. Its already getting out of our hands . I hope the readers of this blog spread the need to go green and to plant few trees.

Few Compromises that we can do make our Mother Nature hale and healthy.

1) Use more of public transport.

2) Plant more trees

3) Use renewable source of energy.

4) Carry cloth bags to shops and avoid plastics.

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