Given my love for kids, I decided to teach part-time in a local school. Unlike other staffs, I decided to have my lunch in the school corridors along with the kids, where the free meals was severed for them. There can be nothing better on earth than spending time with kids.

I noticed that a particular girl named Jothi seemed to look gloomy everyday after her lunch. One fine day I decided to have my lunch with her. I noticed that the girl had her eyes fixed on the dustbin. I inquired What about the dustbin was worrying her. She answered that it was what’s inside it worried her more. When asked as to why the thrown away food was worrying her, with tear filled eyes she replied “The very reason I am sent to school everyday by my parents is that I can have at-least one stomach filling meal. I feel that’s MY LUNCH in there.

Those words struck me so hard. I could realise Bharathiyar’s Anger when he wrote “Thanior manidanukku unavillaiyen jagathinai azhithiduvom”(destroy this world if food is not available to an individual) and Vallalar’s sympathy when he quoted “Vadiya payirai kandapodellam vadinen”(my heart broke whenever i saw a dead crop). Jothi did enlighten me. Let’s make it a point that we do not waste food, let alone donating it.

I would like to mention my Good friend who is inspiring me not to waste even a grain of rice – RS VIGNESH.

8 thoughts on “MY LUNCH

  1. Good one! Its a shame that people, though they read a lot of blogs as these, still waste food. Just a simple thought, whenever you go to a restaurant and cannot finish what you ordered, please get them packed and give it to some beggar/kid on the road. What seems waste to you is one more day of life to them!

  2. Nice thought – Completely agree with you that food should not be wasted. Probably, as Durga points out, we should wrap the leftovers and present it to some people. And perhaps, take only as much food as our bellies demand.
    And it is so cool to see that you also make us understand that:
    1. Learning can come from anyone – even a kid.
    2. We should be ready to lend our ears and stay modest to appreciate life’s lessons.

  3. Well said! I never waste food, And hence end up eating food that’s 3-4 days old! (I’m not complaining)

  4. It was very nice to read through, just felt to myself the situation of jothi 🙁 “pasiyendru vandhorkku pusiyendru vazhagindum” nilai nilaiththida varam veduvom thaai annapooraniyidam…. Keep writing karthi :):)

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