Are we a family?

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I was 4 years old then. A new member was added to my family just a few days ago, Black and White Dynora TV which was a rarity in those days. May 21st 1991 a normal day turned out to be a blasting day of sorts in Sri Perambadur where our then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. It was the first time I heard of the term “LTTE”.  I saw blood everywhere on the TV, hue and cry, chaos and scattered body pieces of the youngest Indian prime Minister. It was then I also heard of Tamils existing else where for the first time. Yeah I am touching the current sensational fight that’s going on.

Off late due to my interest in politics aka poly”tricks” I started following the Sri Lankan Issue keenly. As I scanned through the news channels both national and regional all I was able to see is that MP’s from Tamil Nadu protest against the cruel treatment of the Sri Lankan Tamils, X Tamil actor arrested for protesting against Sri Lankan government. I was taken aback by the kind of solidarity shown by these people.

But something else kept bothering me all the while. Why are only the “Tamils” fighting this cause, should we not fight as a nation? And will we fight only if the people are associated with some community or language? The people who have died in the war for more than 2 decades are brothers and sisters, or at the least our fellow creature who also shares a common name “HUMAN BEING”. There are terms like Cat family which includes tigers, cheetahs, reptile family etc etc. The amount of care, love and togetherness those families show for each other is way above ours. Its high time to retrospect whether WE ARE A FAMILY or NOT!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I agree.
    But, I think even most of the Tamil people’s are ignorant in the issue.
    And also most of the facts were suppressed.

  2. Well said. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know the extent of the atrocity till I saw the videos on Facebook, telecasted by “Channel 4”, a British channel – when concurrently, the plethora of Tamil channels were busy showing dance, celebrity and reality shows – or the saas-bahu serials which made no sense.

  3. well said na .. wanna kill those who do harm to innocent ppl !

    1. death never an answer to death

  4. Sreenath Janakiraman Avatar
    Sreenath Janakiraman

    I actually have never understood why Indian tamils are standing up for sri lankan tamils. Need to read more on this issue, thanks for getting me interested!

    1. I am surprised though a fascinating story…

  5. Srilankan Issue – It is just concerned for those who have vested interested in it since the days of the problem came to limelight… – This is my view. However, as you have stated, its not for them being tamils we can render our support but for the fact whoever be there undergoing such a turmoil can be supported at large by us. Good that you do have time & interest on things of larger interest :):) Way to go Karthi…

    1. Thanks JI 🙂 It is just that people do see them selves as Human Beings….

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