Guys Wake Up

An early February morning, I stirred awake from my slumber as my mom wakes me up. I stretched to rid the morning blues and yelled ,”2 more minutes ma”, so usual for most of us. As soon as I woke up , I gleaned out of the window to see if there really is daylight, after all , moms are notorious for their white lies to get their children out of the bed.It was too dark and I was too groggy. I yelled back at my mom for lying to me that it’s 7 in the morning when clearly not a ray of sunlight had hit the ground. And then she pointed to the clock, I manage to catch a glimpse of the big hand speeding past 3 and the small hand edging away from 7. It was 7 15. Darn it , another lie! It was not 7 but 7 15 indeed.

I had to get ready real fast with only half hour left to catch my bus. I step out of my house only to see mist and fog all over Chennai. The visibility was reduced to just 100 meters hardly. Our driver somehow managed to weave his way to my office in 2 hours. All over Facebook, I saw posts regarding the fog. To my surprise, all of them were ecstatic about how cool Chennai was and how it was becoming more like Bangalore or Ooty.

It was shocking for me to see such posts from my friends and acquaintances! Illiteracy can be accepted but not ignorance. Things are changing and it’s not for the best. Our beloved Mother Nature has had enough of her awesome children, she is ready to teach us a lesson. She has realized that ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ is indeed true. It is time we understood that our mother is getting old. Just as we take care of our elders, we need to take care of our Mother Nature who is unfortunately in the Intensive Care Unit. Children of the earth , WAKE UP!

10 Simple things we can do:

  1. Walk to distance with 1 KM.
  2. Shop local.
  3. Use more of Public transport.
  4. Car pool.
  5. Plant trees.
  6. Use renewable source of energy.
  7. Use less Plastics.
  8. Use paints thats reflect sunlight into your house.
  9. Educate kids.
  10. Dispose e-waste properly.

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