Ambiyum Nanum

Dear Readers,

Ever since I first learnt about the Delhi rape through NDTV, I have thinking about writing this blog which I wanted to write ages ago. Let me re-visit 2 instances that happened in my life that would make you understand my choice of this title. One fine day, I was travelling in the local train chatting with my friends. Suddenly one of my friends throws away the empty water bottle in the open and one of my other friend says with a smile on her face “How can you do such a thing in front of Karthi. He is a RULES guy”. Someone drives vehicle in an absurd manner, once again I get tagged as Ambi, the rules guy, for asking him to drive it properly.

What has this got to do with the Delhi case? A lot in my opinion. In normal circumstances when we are in no danger, we ignore the silly mistakes we do. But there is an apocalypse when something hard hits us. I see Facebook posts and Twitter posts arguing for capital punishments for rapists across the country, government’s inaction, support for the injured girl etc. But are we good enough to question the law? Are we good enough to question the government?

I just read in newspaper that in a North Eastern state, a woman was brutally raped in public view. She was not just a woman – she was a home maker, a mother of a 5 year old kid and the heart of a family. What were the onlookers doing there? Waiting for the government? Waiting for the Men in Khakhi? When we cannot come forward to protect our own neighbors, how can we expect someone miles away to do it? Though they hold the legal responsibility, don’t we have the moral responsibility.

One of my friend rightly put it on his Facebook post “Do not fight for just one girl; fight it out for all of them out there who are suffering.” It is us who have to stand up. We cannot expect a Anna Hazare or any freedom fighter of our choice to pop up every now and then to unite us for struggle. Whenever I question people for their laziness and excuses to silly mistakes, all I get is a sarcastic sorry with an Ambi tag on my forehead.

One of my sisters used to tell me to change as it would not help me win over people by talking rules all the time. She would also say jokingly that all people love only cool guys including “GIRLS”. But that does not bother me at all. I not worried that I cannot be a REMO. I seriously do not regret the AMBI in me but I do regret the fact that I cannot be an Anniyan to claw out the mistakes that people commit. Taking the law in our hands is also a crime.

Also you can choose to be whoever you want to be. Remo, Anniyan or Ambi.

Your’s faithfully,

Karthi (AMBI :P)

5 thoughts on “Ambiyum Nanum

  1. Aptly written. The same people who show out their emotions on FB, get into heated arguments and put up fiery updates, will always hesitate to help when a girl gets teased on the bus or when she is molested in the neighborhood. Glad to know there are “Ambis” out there!

  2. Nothing wrong in being an AMBI (as am one of them too :P)….find ways to become an ANNIYAN, rather than a REMO

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