Doctor: These tablets could cause some drowsiness. By the by, are you working?

Wife (Patient): No, I am not.

Husband (Attendant): No, she is working at home.

Doctor (with a beaming smile): Good

The smile on the doctor’s face meant a lot, especially to the attendant who happens to be the author himself. In my childhood, I have always wondered what big work women who don’t go to work do at home? Probably, my outlook changed since the day I moved out of my comfort zone (Chennai) to Bangalore. I had to do simple house chores all by myself and then go to work as well. Another casual conversation and another trigger of a pulse.

Me: You get awesome food everyday.

Manager: Thanks to my wife.

Me: She is not working, is she?

Manager: She is the one who really works.

Those words did mean a lot. Women at home do more work than what we know. We change jobs once the current job becomes monotonous. But imagine their plight, they need to keep doing the same work over and over again but still can’t change jobs. Their responsibilities add up once they start a family. In between, they find innovative ways to bring cheer to their work. I would compare the so-called HOMEMAKERS to the KINGMAKERS in politics who are very much responsible for holding the ship together. The case of working mothers is even more interesting. They manage both office work and HOMEWORK with ease.

Women in my view are not looking for any big rewards or recognition from their family but simple words like “Thank you for the awesome lunch today.”, “Why don’t you take a break today. Let us eat out.” or “I will cook today, you take a break.” This would help them a lot mentally if not physically. Men should share the work load equally at home. Words of appreciation and little actions can make a lot of difference.

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  1. Nice one karthic.. 😊 If all the men start taking equal responsibility of making a house a home, no need to call women the home makers 😊

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