Biggest Challenge

12 years of school education, 4 years of Engineering, 8 years of work and now, I am back to a campus life. Each day has been an experience so far ever since I graduated. Through all these years I have had the opportunity to meet different people from different walks of life and I have had the pleasure of learning from each and every one of them, good or bad.

Several people, several advices. Be like this, be like that. You do not have the handwriting of so and so, you are not studying like blah blah, you should become like that genius, You are not working like your colleague to deserve this appraisal so be like them. Our mind is a monkey(In tamil we say, manam oru kurangu) “One day I should be a good orator, next day I should be an artist and the next day I should be a great developer.” So many things go through your mind all at the same time.

Looking back at my life, a lot of times,  I have tried to live the lives of many friends and legends. I wanted to be a humorous like my best friend, I wanted to speak like AB Vajpayee ji, I wanted to get into music like my other friend, I wanted to be that guy who everyone goes for advice. This is not abnormal, many friends of mine have gone through the same.

Self-assurance and Self-realization has helped me over the years to appreciate who I am and understand where I need to improve upon. I have had good friends and people around me who have liked for who I am and helped me see why I should be ME. Being myself has given me more than what I have earned not being myself. There has been many a situations where my values were challenged, but I have stuck to mine.

Does that mean that you should not aspire or have goals? No, it is always good to have inspirations and leaders that you aspire you to be. Learn from people around you, what are their positives or negatives, know what suits you and adapt them to your needs. Find your niche and looks for ways to improve yourself in that stream. Trust me Being yourselves is the BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN ONE’s life. Sometimes, when you are not yourselves and do not follow your natural instincts you might struggle to do things that you can do with your eyes closed. Never lose your nativity and cultural values. All those were put in place for a purpose.

Always believe in yourselves and your abilities, leave the rest to the almighty. If you don’t succeed you will always have something to learn.

P.S: Pele: Birth of a Legend movie inspired me to write this post.

2 thoughts on “Biggest Challenge

  1. I cannot tell you, how happy I am to read this. I think, all of us face this but only a few figure it out. And I am glad you had figured it out when it mattered. Sometimes, I can’t help but look at life as it is, with the surreal difference between humans , the same species with the same set of goods, but being able to make such difference.
    The variants of it all just amazes me and I get lost in thoughts. I think what’re you saying here makes perfect sense. It all comes down to ,
    WE ARE WHO WE ARE. Thanks for the read 🙂

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