The ODI World Cup Cricket: A Trivia Challenge

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One Day International World Cup has always been special for me. In 1999, Britannia ran a successful champaign “Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao”. During this campaign, You got these fact-based booklets featuring the winners of previous world cups. I loved learning about some important events that occured during world cups. Also, there will be some exciting sports quiz on TV. We friends used to quiz each other with some interesting facts we knew. Let this trivia take you back in your memories. Now, Click on the start button below.


50 Over world Cup Quiz

A fun trivia about the One Day International World Cups. Test your knowledge.

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1. “I’m sure everybody on this stage will say we played this World Cup with 16 players,” said Clarke after 2015 World Cup. Who was the 16th player?

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2. Who took the most wickets during the 1983 World Cup tournament?

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3. Sachin Tendulkar has hit the most 4s in ODI World Cup, How many boundaries did he hit?

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4. Which city hosted the 1996 world cup final?

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5. Who took the first-ever hat-trick in Men’s Cricket World Cup history?

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6. Who took the most wickets during 1996 World Cup?

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7. Ben Stokes took an amazing catch to dismiss Andile Phehlukwayo, who was the bowler?

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8. What was the title of the 1987 world cup called as?

Reliance was the main sponsor. First 3 editions were known as Prudential and 92 was Benson and Hedges.

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9. When was the first Cricket World Cup Played?

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10. In 1999, The South Africans went into their final group match needing a win against Sri Lanka to progress to the super six stage of the tournament. Which batsmen were in the middle when rain came in?

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11. In 1975, Who bowled the first ever ball in the Men’s Cricket World Cup?

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12. How much were Australia defending during the tied match in 1999 World Cup Semis?

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13. Which player scored the fastest century in a world cup?

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14. In 2007,  Who knocked the winning runs for Ireland against Pakistan?

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15. Who was the Man of the series of the 1992 world Cup?

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