The Grit and Glory of an Athlete’s Pursuit of Dreams

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Stree Shakthi focuses on an upcoming athlete who had to change her field of expertise and is preparing with dreams of making it big.

In this blog, we delve into the remarkable journey of Indhumathi, a shining example of resilience against the odds. Her path has been far from ordinary, fraught with hurdles that would have discouraged most. But instead of surrendering to adversity, she has harnessed it as the fuel that propels her towards her dreams. Let us get to know her better and the challenges she has overcome.

Hi Indhu. Good to meet you. Can you please tell us about your journey so far?

I was competing in shot put and discus at school level. I had participated in zonal and district events. But the serious tryst with sports started when I joined the sports hostel. I was asked to fill in for the Javelin throw for lack of competitors in a district event and my throw gave my coaches a hunch that I am a natural Javelin thrower.

Later, I moved to a different coach in Chennai to help develop my skills further and won a silver medal at junior state level. This paved the way for various national events. For the love of sports, I decided to discontinue studies to focus on sports. I believe sports is what will make me famous like P.T.Usha and keep in the minds of people.

Who is your mentor or someone who you look up to?

Sathya, my coach in Chennai, identified the flaws in my techniques and he later introduced me to Karthik Anna. Both helped me refine my training schedule and helped change my technique which helped me win more medals.

Sathya Anna has motivated me a lot and his journey is an inspiring one. He fought all odds to secure a government job through his sporting achievements. It gave me confidence that I could perform very well. Besides, he has also helped a lot financially to help me stay in the game and has been a pillar of support.

How did you move from Discus throw to Weight lifting?

I have put in a lot of hard work but I have hardly seen any success so far. I started weight training to improve my strength and boost my endurance to help my throw. However, my coach Mohan suggested that I am a natural weight lifter than a thrower and it would suit me better. Though I was reluctant at first, I decided to take up weight lifting as my career. Additionally, my coaches have helped me understand my true strengths and now started winning regularly. Eventually, I am happy with my decision.

How have you learned to cope up with failure?

Since 2013, I have put in a lot of effort. The playground/ training center is both my home and school. After training a lot, due to injuries or one bad performance, I have lost out on medals. Hence, I have seen a lot of failures than successes. Also, I am not an emotionally strong person. My dad, coaches help boost my confidence and help me pick myself up.

Failures have taught me a lot in life. I believe that failure is indeed a stepping stone to success. So, we need to stay positive and move on to elevate my performance. I am confident that I will be rewarded with something big for these small losses. I will not drop out of sports at any cost.

How do you prepare for a tournament?

During competition, you need to have a good mindset to achieve whatever your practice. You need to have a strong mindset to achieve in the sport. Trust in your coaches and be confident to replicate what you practice in competition. Meditation can really help develop your focus and calmness.

How do you think we can improve the culture of sports in India?

Women in sports are doing really well now. Many girls are performing really well at district level but due to several constraints like finance, lack of infrastructure or resources, they are unable to showcase their full potential. Hope the government can take some initiatives to help these athletes at grassroots levels. 

What would be your advice for young girls taking up sports?

Young girls should enjoy their training and play the sport happily. Do not compare yourselves with others. They should understand each one is unique and it is only with practice you can achieve greater heights. Choose the right coach to get the foundation right. Do not let failure pull you down. Look at things positively and it can change your life, make you bolder. Take inspiration from P.T.Usha, PV. Sindhu and others. 

Her journey should serve as an inspiration for many of us. This killer attitude of hers combined with able mentorship, I am sure Indhumathi is going to go places. Also, with sponsorships I am sure athletes like Indhumathi can focus on what they do best and achieve greater things for the state and nation. I am sure her achievements would make things financially better for her family as well. We wish her the best of luck and if someone is interested in sponsoring her for sporting events or for her training, please reach out to her at

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