This has been “The day” for me to remember. First, let me start this piece of work of mine with a wish to my very good friend Ganesh. Hi machi Happy Birthday. This is the first weekend of my work life and it was surreal to meet my Guru(s) who shaped my character and personality.

So what’s so special then?? I went to my Second Home SKNS PMC VV, my beloved school. Went to my school with a very heavy heart as one of my school junior who used play volley has undergone a Brain Tumor surgery and I was there to emotionally and financially support the family. Thank god the operation is a success. I pray God for the speedy recovery of the child.

The special part of the day is yet to came. Here it comes. It was very nostalgic today. Its a very special place. Normally a child enters school at the age of 3, but I entered in that place when i was 6 months baby. I still remember the days I did my schooling in those huts of my school. Bhuvana Sister was my class teacher. It was great fun in those days. That place is now the children’s’ park of our school. The school has undergone so many changes. The school is still the hangout for my friends and I. There is much more than the structure that has the pull towards my school. Pranams to my Guru(s) who are highly responsible for what I am today. The list is long but i would like to name a few here, Kousalya Sridharan, Shanthi Suresh sister, Prema Narayan sister, Palanivel Sir, Shanmugam Ayya(My shuttle coach), Guharini Bahini, Prema Didi, Suganthi Sister and so on…… I know how influencial they are in my life. Shanti Suresh Sister taught me the value of life and what to live for and Prema Narayan Sister taught me the importance of learning a new language and kindness which helped me this job, Ayya taught me what I something that is most value – be passionate for what you do, Bahini taught me not only Sanskrit but also humility and the value of something old, Suganthi Miss taught me the power of self confidence. The list shall go on and on so that the pages won’t be enough. I owe them a lot. I got some time off to meet those great people and spend some time. Who knows already many teachers who knew me well have left the school. I dont know if i could to meet these greats after some years.

Thus I thank the almighty for giving me such a wonderful day, moments to cherish and smile with satisfaction. And also thanks to those great staffs who are responsible for this good position of mine today. A small request to GOD-let funds keep flowing for that child, and blessings for a hale and healthy life.

3 thoughts on “A Day To Remember

  1. more than anything im happy th kid got operated successfully!

    rest i will follow up in the next comment.

  2. Hi kasi mama…

    Thanks 4 d wishes da..

    wl expect ur wishes every bday da!!

    Happy to c ur tributes to ur gurus.. 🙂

    N me wishing u to grow more more in ur careeer da..!

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