Double-Edged Sword: Memes

Necessity is the mother of invention. Technology has grown leaps and bounds in the last 3 decades. We have had far too many needs and way more so-called innovations. Technology has done wonders to us. People can connect to their near and dear despite being several million miles away, receive weather updates much in advance to safeguard themselves, book their travel without any assistance. My mom who was not inclined even towards cordless phone just a decade ago is enjoying the benefits of smartphones. More recently, Chennaintes used technology to solve the food and water crisis during the unprecedented floods. Information about people in distress was spread within seconds and the help was rendered within minutes.

Meme Creator’s Man of the Hour

But there is something that is spreading much faster than the good news. Sundar Pichai has spoken so many words than he would have wished for. He has supported various causes across India. Thanks to the power of Internet rather social media and especially a special shout out to the meme creator without whom the name Sundar Pichai would not have reached the “Patti thotis”(nook and corner) of India. Recently there is a popular meme that doing the rounds in the social media “Sundar Pichai voices his concern on NEET”. My beloved Facebook friends and acquaintances, most of whom have completed their undergraduate degree from prestigious institutions from the country share it without a moment of hesitation. All they had to do was a simple google search(OMG! it is the organization that Mr. Pichai heads) if this was even true.  Some examples of fake news or memes on his quotes are listed below.

Sadistic Pleasure

These memes are so realistic that you should actually appreciate the creators. But the trend according to me is worrying. Fake news in the name of “meme” that is simple and catchy, shows the sadistic nature of the creators. Most of these memes are created for fun. It has been put in circulation with an intent to harm someone or something. They know that their creation spreads faster than a forest fire. The only purpose has been to destroy harmony and peace across many lives and countries. Especially, with the reach of technology, people start believing in most of these fake ones. There is already a dip in trust factor. This is just one example, I am not even sure about the space that these fake news and memes occupy in the cloud. In technological terms, wish we had a “Garbage Collection” for these for the sake of saving all those wasted memories.

Few More Snippets

Here are few more classical examples of deriving sadistic pleasure.

  1. Your network will donate for a cause Like $1, Comment $2 and share $5. I am not sure how did they even come up with this.
  2. Someone needs O+ve blood in this area. Contact XXXXXXXXX to help. This message circulates without any authentication. Either these messages are stale or the contact of a person who you want to suffer. People who believe these message and make a genuine attempt to reach them sometimes even feel the burnt of hearing swear words.
  3. Forward this message to 10 people, else bad luck will come.

Last words

One wise man said “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”. This according to me is a fitting message to everyone. There are so many issues in the world that technology can help address. Let memes be a facilitator to that and not a hindrance.

India is Dependent!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: It has been more than 6 months since i put anything on this page. So please pardon me for any errors in the following post.

Here is Karthic reporting from the so-called Garden city of India, Bengaluru. Is it still a garden city? I am not here to answer that, though there are hardly any good gardens now. Writing this post on the eve of the 67th Independence Day is more apt I believe. My Facebook page has already started to flood with emotional, patriotic and happy words about our Independence day. Also, not to forget those posts that are so sarcastic and questions what has India achieved in all these years to be celebrated. These skeptics do not understand the struggle that the nation is going through to make things better for it’s citizens.

What was the significance of this day 67 years ago? Why did the wisest, selfless, and brave men and women sacrifice their lives for us? Freeing us from the clutches of the British wasn’t their only vision. They wanted India to be self-reliant and self-sustained. They envisioned India could do better if they are independent.


What is the real meaning of INDEPENDENCE? Not being dependent on “OTHERS”, we should be self-reliant and self-contained. The ability to manage our day-to-day affairs by ourselves without the intervention of others. Many who lost their souls for a brighter future for children of Mother India believed so. They felt that future generations in India should not be oppressed and suppressed as they once were. But are we doing enough to justify their sacrifice? We are trying but not hard enough. The truth might be a bitter pill to swallow. Many citizens(or even NRIs to great extent) only complain about the system in India and how broken we are. What have we done to fix the broken system? Nothing. I would say that the young brigades upon whom the leaders put their trust have not taken responsibility.

India is still dependent folks, on each and every one of us. It is high time we clean up society in whichever way possible. You do not have to be a politician or a rich man to do good things(I am not sure if they even do those though!!!!). Let us do simple and easy things that can make a huge impact. Here are a few tips for guys who think we can make a change only by being either of the two.

  • Remove Illiteracy: Teach a child or contribute to their education.
  • Keep the country clean: Do not litter in public
  • Keep the environment clean: Plant atleast one tree an year
  • Spread love: Visit an old age home on a special occasion.
  • Go Local: Shop from small vendors even if it is 5 or 10 rupees more than the corporates.
  • Share Knowledge: Dare to discuss and be open to constructive feedback and seek constant improvements.                                                              

Jai Hind!!! I am sure this country will rise and become a force to reckon with. Make sure you are a part of this historic moment by doing something for our beloved Mother India.

T20 and its after effects

“It’s raining sixes and fours at Panchkula – Tony Grieg”. This famous line was uttered by Tony Grieg during the ICL T20 tournament that was held recently. And it’s not true only with the ICL T20 but true for all the T20 tournaments. IPL has so far witnessed a minimum of 750 sixes and more than 1500 fours. This is a stunning figure. Sunil Gavaskar used to tell that his coach would ask him to go around the ground at least twice if hits the ball in the air during nets. But these days most balls are hit only in the air thanks to the shortest form of cricket.

The shots are being invented or rather being manufactured. The life of the bowlers has become even more difficult. T20 is more of a batsmen’s game. Nearly 450 runs were scored in the match between Super Kings and Kings XI in just 40 overs. So the run rate was more than 11 and over. Oops, this is really amazing. Boundary lengths were shortened for making T20 more interesting. But the balls are flying deep into the stands. Sometimes out of the stadium like the one Albie Morkel hit recently. Even the pattis(grandmas), aunties and girls of India have started sacrificing their MEGA serials for the sake of great action. This has put T20 above the test and ODI formats of the game in terms of viewership. And the support for T20 keeps increasing day by day. A chip over a short fine leg or a slog over mid-wicket draws a huge cheer than the one for the old-fashioned shots.

Will test cricket lose its charm because of this T20?? Will Hard Hitting be the mantra of cricket in future?? Will shots of players like Dravid, Sachin, Kallis, and Waugh which have been classical all life be remembered??

2 States – A Big Question Mark?

2 States. Guess what am i going to blog about? The 2 states book by Chetan bhagat – Naah, it was interesting indeed but i have read enough blogs and review on that. Then is it about the riots going on all over India regarding diving a state into 2 states?? Not certainly. There are more people interested in garnering attention than me.

Then what else is this Idiot talking about?? its about the the torturous 2 states of our mind. Yeah even to write on this i was bit caught in 2 minds. Whether to write or not. When ever we are stuck we always tend to choose the safer way and not the one with an element of risk. Y is it so?? People question me wen i take that route. Would it not be much interesting to involve an elementary of Risk in our lives? Just pour in views.

Is it good to experience this 2 confusing factors within us? Ah this is confusing me even more guys.

Fame and Respect

Fame and respect the two things that humans crave for in excess equivalent or a bit less than the “M” word- Money. First of all on this republic day eve i would like salute the military, the para- military forces and all the armed men(licensed) for all their sacrifices. Actually i am writing this out of anger. The Indian Govt is full of non sense. The people who sacrified their lives for during the various wars against terror have been hardly recognised while Aishwarya Rai who has hardly done anything for India as a whole but for skin show and a marriage to Junior Bhachan has been conferred with Padma Shri one of the highest civilian honour in India and only those who died in the 26/11 have been given Ashok Chandra. What about the rest who put their life at stake for the nation’ s sake? Is this not a discrimination? Remember the martyrs day is just around. I hope they get the due required. Even the pay commission has been partial to them. They don sit in AC rooms like our collectors. The temperature in the border goes in minus degree C more often.

If this is not enough. Why is Abinav Bindra alone given the award? what about the wrestler and the boxer? They were not born millionaires like Mr. Bindra. They came from a poor back ground and low training facilities. They passed all the test to prove themselves. Shouldn they be respected? I ahve nothing against Bindra. A gold medal is huge. But according to me those 2 bronze medals were obtained after gr8 amount of hard work and sweating blood. Its high time that the Indian Govt starts to confer awards for people who really deserve.

Jai Jawan Jai kisan Jai Hind

Rock On

Wow wow wow… I was simply amazed. The temperature was close to 40 degrees…. 31/8/2008 can never be forgotten in my life. I witnessed one of the spectaculars. I was privileged to be a part of one the biggest event in the country but I would say biggest event in the world rather. We didn’t have greats like Sachin, SRK, or the Bachans to promote the event. Yet it turned out to be a massive massive hit. All these things refer to the Chennai marathon. People hold your breath for a minute….. It was recorded that nearly 1.7 lakh people participated in the event. The place was so heavily crowded that the Chennai run turned out to be the Chennai Walk rather.

I am proud to be part of Chennai. I have always wondered why people here have not gathered as in Calcutta, Bombay, and Delhi for certain things like Conditional Access Systems, Fuel Price hikes etc. But I learnt that people in Chennai never mind spending their time on something very useful like the marathon. The theme for the event was Chennai Life Marathon “Idhu Silar life mara than”(That is this MARATHON is to change certain people’s life). This event was organized to help raise funds for children to leave work and join the school. There were cheerleaders, multi-colour banners, so many corporate advertisements, and Balloons in different colours flying all around.

I was more moved when I saw a certain section of that crowd. There were physically and mentally challenged people in the crowd. I was out of words. My heart was full of joy seeing their involvement in such a noble cause and it was also sad to hear that a student lost his life in Marathon due to Cardiac arrest. I just pray to GOD that for the sake of these people let the money be used for the purpose it was collected. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace. Also saw people dressed in green, black, and leaves to support the causes for less fuel usage and saving the environment. But it was noticed by only a few. Hope it gathers momentum soon.

The Chennai crowd always rocks…… Vandharai Vazhavaikum Tamizhagam(“We make people from all races, creeds etc lead a healthy life) is true. this is yet another feather to the cap of the Chennai crowd. I still remember the standing ovation that the Pakistani Cricket team got when they won over India @ Chepauk. Regardless of which team played in the IPL Chennai crowd never booed any Indian playing against Superkings. We love u Chennai. “ROCK ON CHENNAI”

But I was really let down by the way it was organized. Man management was very poor. It became more of a mess for some people. But my blog’s intent was to wish and salute the people of Chennai with such a great heart. Hope the organization learns from its mistake and puts up a better-organised Marathon from next time.

Beat The “Q”

This is a fast moving world, where many in the world don’t find time to tell a hi to a friend or even complete their breakfast properly, many things are sacrificed for the sake of time saving. I would like to let my friends to know about an equipment that is available for more time saving which i noticed very recently. It is something by the name “ATVM”. This term is quite similar to the term “ATM – Automatic Teller Machine”. “ATVM” means “Automated Ticket Vending Machine”. This has been actually installed in few railway stations across the country to get the sub urban tickets quickly using a touch screen machine.

the queue

Here are the details you need to know

  • The railway smart card allows the card holder to purchase tickets from a machine called “Automated Ticket Vending Machine” (ATVM).
  • The ATVMs have been installed at some (not all yet) stations; I’ve seen ATVMs at some stations that are yet to be made functional. One can be sure that the major stations have multiple functional ATVMs.
  • The card is “loaded” with an initial amount (or when it is refilled). The fare of the tickets purchased is deducted from the amount on the card. Just like our debit card or can compared with our sim card.

To purchase the card, the procedure is simple:

  • Go to any ticket counter that is marked (some board near the counter tells you which one) to sell the Smart Card.
  • Purchase the card for which a deposit amount of 50 is charged.
  • Then we can refill with amount like 50, 100 of our choice and to attract more usage of this machine railways gives u 5% extra balance every time u recharge. This offer ll be valid only for a while though.
  • Rules and the way to use the card are given behind the card.
  • One Railway official told me that there is no expiry date for the card but check for the rules though.

I will be getting this card soon once my pass expires. But i cant understand one thing. Y is not the railways or the Indian govt not making any efforts to publicize about the ATVMs?? All i can see in many stations is that people standing in long queues to get their tickets. Some have told me that they have stood half an hour to get a ticket. Railways and Govt has to understand first that many travelers don know how to use the machines. Many are also unaware of such a facility. The most worrying thing is that there are many hoarding saying “BEAT THE Q” ,”SAVE TIME” etc etc. But very less people use it because of above mentioned reasons. Y should a group of people not be appointed to tell people about the machine and a separate counter apart from ticket counters be opened for this purspose?? after all “Time and Tide waits for none”. Even an article about the machine was published in the daily “The Hindu” recently.

Hope this article spreads the message about the machine to the people unaware of it. Hope the railways soon realizes this and do something to increase the popularity of this machine among the public.