In Their Own Words: Impactful Statements That Inspire and Empower

For people who know me sports have played a significant role in shaping my thought process and how sports personalities across the world have inspired my day-to-day activities. Sports have had a significant impact on my perspective, and I find inspiration in athletes worldwide. Beyond their skills, style of play and experience, I have always been fascinated by how they answer some questions thrown at them. Their answers to tough questions have been a valuable source of life lessons for many.

Currently, IPL 2023 is in its business end, and Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans have made it to the finals. Chennai Super Kings won in a dramatic match, and this marked their 10th final appearance – more than any other team thus far. During the post-match presentation, my favourite commentator in this generation, Harsha Bhogle, asked Dhoni if playing in the 10th final felt like just another final to him. Dhoni responded quickly and with conviction, stating that every IPL final is significant, and despite it being the team’s 10th final, it still holds immense importance.

Courtesy: ESPNcricinfo. Dhoni the leader letting the team cherish the moment and finding happiness in them having fun.

Another important interview that I loved in the past week was that of Erik Ten Hag, Manager of Manchester United Men’s football team. Victory against Chelsea secured Manchester United the top 4 spot which is something that is minimum for a club of such a big stature. In the post-match talk, he was asked now that the top 4 spot is secure, does he feel accomplished? He was quick to remind the interviewer that there is one more game to go and there is pride and 3rd place to play for.

These statements speak about how Dhoni and Erik treat each and every game seriously. They exude confidence both on and off the field that rubs on the players. Despite their significant achievements on the field, they still take every game seriously. Their statements ensure that their teams stay alert and level despite their achievements. This is a phenomenal lesson for not only their teams but also many leaders across the world. You might have a wealth of knowledge and have an abundance of experience in your domain but it is still important for you to be humble and respect every action and milestone in your team. It is important to stay in the moment, treat every step as an important one and be a team player despite being a leader.

Indeed, leaders like Dhoni and Erik continue to inspire and teach us life lessons that extend beyond the realm of sports itself. Leaders like them remind us of the values of staying humble, dedicated, determined, being a team player, and hard work – traits that will help us achieve continuing success.

Up next on vyasonkeys, CSK’s victory this season is a great template for many organizations across the industries. Look forward to the next blog on What some organizations can get right to sustain success in the long run.


Doctor: These tablets could cause some drowsiness. By the by, are you working?

Wife (Patient): No, I am not.

Husband (Attendant): No, she is working at home.

Doctor (with a beaming smile): Good

The smile on the doctor’s face meant a lot, especially to the attendant who happens to be the author himself. In my childhood, I have always wondered what big work women who don’t go to work do at home? Probably, my outlook changed since the day I moved out of my comfort zone (Chennai) to Bangalore. I had to do simple house chores all by myself and then go to work as well. Another casual conversation and another trigger of a pulse.

Me: You get awesome food everyday.

Manager: Thanks to my wife.

Me: She is not working, is she?

Manager: She is the one who really works.

Those words did mean a lot. Women at home do more work than what we know. We change jobs once the current job becomes monotonous. But imagine their plight, they need to keep doing the same work over and over again but still can’t change jobs. Their responsibilities add up once they start a family. In between, they find innovative ways to bring cheer to their work. I would compare the so-called HOMEMAKERS to the KINGMAKERS in politics who are very much responsible for holding the ship together. The case of working mothers is even more interesting. They manage both office work and HOMEWORK with ease.

Women in my view are not looking for any big rewards or recognition from their family but simple words like “Thank you for the awesome lunch today.”, “Why don’t you take a break today. Let us eat out.” or “I will cook today, you take a break.” This would help them a lot mentally if not physically. Men should share the work load equally at home. Words of appreciation and little actions can make a lot of difference.

2012 in review – Thank U All

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

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Disclaimer : I am supporter of no political party.

“No Stocks”, “We are out of stock” hoardings were posted across the city yesterday in the petrol bunks. Facebook walls/timelines are being updated with funny cartoons or agitated comments about the price hikes. (but for the 8 to 11 30 pm slot which was ruled by Dhoni and his men). In fact in some place across the city the traffic was blocked because of the queues in the petrol bunks. This situation has become a common sight in India off late. No wonder when the price hike is as much as 75% in 3 years.

But I have a question for all the guys who question. Aren’t you the same guys who take your Enfield out in the beach road to impress your Lover by showing her the Sun rise and Sun set?. Aren’t you the same people who use their scooters for going to the shop next street? You are the same person who did not care about the lights and fans that were left turned on in an empty room. Forgot to mention the racing on the each road and during the rain and owning a low mileage vehicle just for the sake of style.

The most common answer that people have got it “Life is to enjoy”, “Dude U cannot understand the feeling”. But what you people have failed to understand is that you are wasting non renewable source of energy. It is high time you people think of renewable sources of energy, car pooling, using public transport. There is no point in complaining always. We panic and react only at the time of crisis like we did after the Tsunami effect. We need to be proactive enough in securing our future not only financially. Last but not the least Yes i agree this a steep increase in the prices.

How can i miss the picture that made like laugh my heart out. Here it is.

Double Image By David Morrell

You should be cautious about every step that you take. The more you want to move away from something, the more it keeps coming near you. Can your passion and curiosity to explore the hidden truths land you in a big trouble? Everyone around you are in trouble because of you. How to get out of this mess? Just read Double Image by David Morrell.

Sneak Preview of the book:

Coltrane an award winning photographer whose job is to take photographs of the crimes committed by criminals in war ravaged countries. He escapes near death and some how manages to save his life. He wants to change track and start taking pictures to show beauty and not sorrow as he has been taking so far. But someone wants him dead and follows him like his shadow. Who is the killer? Does the killer succeed in his mission?

My Review about the book:

The crime thriller has enough stuff in it to keep you interested in reading the book. David Morrell has presented the thriller in a very interesting manner. But i don’t know why the author has to combine 2 stories into one? I felt that the book was a master piece for the first half and the second half was just dragging taking us into a totally different plot. I probably think that the author thought that the second half if written as a separate book will not sell as this piece would have sold. Has there been a movie made(adapted) from this book? But i must say Bollywood directors will be itching to take this book to silver screen for sure. I would rate this say 6 out of 10.

How to cut a long story Short By Jeffrey Archer

The very first thing that came to my mind after reading this book was the bollywood movie “DUS KAHANIYAN” in which the director tries telling 10 different stories in a single movie. Here the author tries to tell 14 different stories in a sinlge book. I remember Rajeev Masand of CNN IBN giving the movie a big thumbs down and i seriously hope that this book did not meet with the same fate as that of the movie. I loved reading this book. This book is full of short stories and some are really short and very interesting. There is not much to speak more about the book i would say as it would be an injustice to both the author and the book to reveal the plot of all the short stories. But i would like to conclude with mentioning my favorite short story of the book. END GAME.

I am sure Archer fans would have loved this book. This happens to the first one of his collections that i have read.

Digital Fortress By Dan Brown

You are assigned the task of decoding a complex code that even the Human being’s best-ever decoder was not able to solve. Moreover, you are held hostage by a suspect in your den. Your beloved is not with you; he is in a far-off place and in danger because of your work. You have only your mentor to help you out in this mess? What would it feel like to be in this situation? Just read Digital Fortress By Dan Brown.

Sneak Preview of the Book:

This is a beautiful scientific fiction thriller. Susan a beautiful Cryptographer who works for the NSA is being assigned the secret task of decoding a code (sent by an ex-NSA employee) that was not even decoded by the greatest code-breaking machine “TRANSLTR” by her mentor Trevor Strathmore. As she goes about her job, more mystery unfolds and she realizes that she is caught in a trap. Her sweetheart David Becker is also in danger. Does she manage to crack the code? How she saves herself and her fiancé forms the rest of this exciting thriller from one of the well-known authors.

My Review:

“Dan Brown what an author he is, chanceless”.  “Awesome work from Dan Brown”. These are some of the words that my friends uttered when they hear the name, Dan Brown. This is the first book that I have read written by this author. And yeah I have to agree with my friends for sure. I love edge of the seat thriller movies, so is this story. No wonder his works like DA VINCI CODE and ANGEL and DEMONS have been made into movies. The way that this scientific thriller has been handled speaks volume of this author. The story was so exciting and thrilling and it would not bore you a bit. All the characters in the book catch your attention and keep you engaged to know what would happen to this character. There are tons of twist in the story and keeps you excited all the time. The manner in which the mystery is finally revealed is also splendid I must say. I felt like I was watching an edge of the seat movie as I progressed through this book. A must read for anyone who loves thriller.

Silent Honor by Danielle Steel

Have you ever wondered what and how will you feel when you are left all alone in Karachi or Lahore when India and Pakistan are at war? If you like to experience the thrill of it, Danielle Steels’ Silent honor is the book that you have to read rather than experience. Hats off to steel for bringing out such a beautiful book.

Sneak Preview of the book:
Hiroko, a traditionally brought-up Japanese girl goes to the USA to fulfill her dad’s wish of studying in the States for at least a period of  1 year. She finds herself in a land filled with people with prejudiced thoughts. None are friendly to her neither in her school nor in other places. The only place where she was herself and enjoyed the most was her cousin’s place. That’s where she gets to meet the love of her life, Peter. Tragedy strikes them soon after. Due to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the Japanese immigrants of the US have to undergo huge turmoil. Does Hiroko manage to survive? How does she survive? Where does her fate land her? For more details read this interesting work.

My Review:

Its an excellent work from the author. I basically love war and love stories. This one has a good mix of both love and the sufferings of common people during war. The best part of this story is that the humor has been inserted and right places so that the movie is all that not serious. The love that the lead pair and other pairs share has been well brought out. But at times you feel as though the author has taken a longer route to explain the love, when there was a easier way of saying it.  All the characters in the story play an important and interesting part. The struggle that this little girl had to go through during the 2nd world war that too in the alien land where she totally hated and chased to the very corner of life has been described splendidly so that you really feel pity for her.I always loved the Japanese girls in the Jackie Chan movies i have seen  just because they look like dolls. But the heroine of the story also impressed me a lot with her determination, love and attitude.By reading this book you also get to know some of the Japanese terms (chance to learn a foreign language). The climax has also been drafted well showing the after effects of war. It also reminded me of some feel good Indian movies though. Overall it was a pleasant experience reading this book.