Beat The “Q”

This is a fast moving world, where many in the world don’t find time to tell a hi to a friend or even complete their breakfast properly, many things are sacrificed for the sake of time saving. I would like to let my friends to know about an equipment that is available for more time saving which i noticed very recently. It is something by the name “ATVM”. This term is quite similar to the term “ATM – Automatic Teller Machine”. “ATVM” means “Automated Ticket Vending Machine”. This has been actually installed in few railway stations across the country to get the sub urban tickets quickly using a touch screen machine.

the queue

Here are the details you need to know

  • The railway smart card allows the card holder to purchase tickets from a machine called “Automated Ticket Vending Machine” (ATVM).
  • The ATVMs have been installed at some (not all yet) stations; I’ve seen ATVMs at some stations that are yet to be made functional. One can be sure that the major stations have multiple functional ATVMs.
  • The card is “loaded” with an initial amount (or when it is refilled). The fare of the tickets purchased is deducted from the amount on the card. Just like our debit card or can compared with our sim card.

To purchase the card, the procedure is simple:

  • Go to any ticket counter that is marked (some board near the counter tells you which one) to sell the Smart Card.
  • Purchase the card for which a deposit amount of 50 is charged.
  • Then we can refill with amount like 50, 100 of our choice and to attract more usage of this machine railways gives u 5% extra balance every time u recharge. This offer ll be valid only for a while though.
  • Rules and the way to use the card are given behind the card.
  • One Railway official told me that there is no expiry date for the card but check for the rules though.

I will be getting this card soon once my pass expires. But i cant understand one thing. Y is not the railways or the Indian govt not making any efforts to publicize about the ATVMs?? All i can see in many stations is that people standing in long queues to get their tickets. Some have told me that they have stood half an hour to get a ticket. Railways and Govt has to understand first that many travelers don know how to use the machines. Many are also unaware of such a facility. The most worrying thing is that there are many hoarding saying “BEAT THE Q” ,”SAVE TIME” etc etc. But very less people use it because of above mentioned reasons. Y should a group of people not be appointed to tell people about the machine and a separate counter apart from ticket counters be opened for this purspose?? after all “Time and Tide waits for none”. Even an article about the machine was published in the daily “The Hindu” recently.

Hope this article spreads the message about the machine to the people unaware of it. Hope the railways soon realizes this and do something to increase the popularity of this machine among the public.