Fame and Respect

Fame and respect the two things that humans crave for in excess equivalent or a bit less than the “M” word- Money. First of all on this republic day eve i would like salute the military, the para- military forces and all the armed men(licensed) for all their sacrifices. Actually i am writing this out of anger. The Indian Govt is full of non sense. The people who sacrified their lives for during the various wars against terror have been hardly recognised while Aishwarya Rai who has hardly done anything for India as a whole but for skin show and a marriage to Junior Bhachan has been conferred with Padma Shri one of the highest civilian honour in India and only those who died in the 26/11 have been given Ashok Chandra. What about the rest who put their life at stake for the nation’ s sake? Is this not a discrimination? Remember the martyrs day is just around. I hope they get the due required. Even the pay commission has been partial to them. They don sit in AC rooms like our collectors. The temperature in the border goes in minus degree C more often.

If this is not enough. Why is Abinav Bindra alone given the award? what about the wrestler and the boxer? They were not born millionaires like Mr. Bindra. They came from a poor back ground and low training facilities. They passed all the test to prove themselves. Shouldn they be respected? I ahve nothing against Bindra. A gold medal is huge. But according to me those 2 bronze medals were obtained after gr8 amount of hard work and sweating blood. Its high time that the Indian Govt starts to confer awards for people who really deserve.

Jai Jawan Jai kisan Jai Hind