A Beautiful Moment

She was timid. Never spoke to me for a day. I tried my level best to make her comfortable. Gave her Chocolates, and many other stuffs so that she will speak to me. But all my efforts went in vain. I stayed in her home for a day but she didn’t speak or even see me. Even her sister was so kind and nice to me. Then I went with their family to a hotel for dinner. She was very reserved and silent even in the hotel. Just ate the food that was ordered and kept quiet. At last when I had to start back home. I wished one and all over there and started after kissing one of the kids over there and then suddenly heard someone saying the following words to me ” Chittapa enakku??”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Actually, I am talking about my cousin 2 and 1/2-year-old child “Aishu”. She had just come from overseas. I don’t know how to express the happiness that filled my heart at that moment. Many would be aware of the Thirukkural ” Kuzhal innidhu yazh innidhu enbar thanmakkal mazhalaichol kela davar” (pardon me for any mistakes in the kural). That’s absolutely true, the tender beautiful words uttered mesmerizes everyone and it’s the children who can take all your pressure. Their smile makes you forget your worries. They are truly God-sent gifts. Baby Day Out has never bored me and will never ever bore me. My plea to all readers is to save this beautiful world for those beautiful creatures on Earth. Let them breathe the fresh air rather than the one that comes from the Air coolers.