An Usual Question : Unusual Answer

The title could bring forth many possible questions to your mind like what’s your name? , what’s your dad? , where are you put up?. Last but certainly not the least of it all “Whats your ambition on life?”.

This could easily be the question that we would be hearing a lot alongside what’s your name?. Isn’t it? 😉 One fine evening myself and my friend traveling back home in office bus after a tiresome day at work, engaged in casual chat so that we can get some sleep or at least spend some time.

That’s when he asked me “what is your ambition in life?”. Out of the blue I just answered. I want to be the best dad that any child could have asked God for. He was a bit taken aback or found it funny, probably because he would have never heard such an answer.

But my answer was genuine. To be the greatest scientist or the world’s best batsman can never satisfy a person. Even they would agree that they want to be a great dad. In this pacy world, none finds time even for their best friends. I would like to be a dad who is able to spend enough time with his kid. Help them achieve what THEY ASPIRE to be. I should make my child feel proud as I feel about my dad.