A Lost Glory?

A lost glory- Sounds a good movie title isn’t it? There is a little regard for the tradition and values these days. People forget their roots in the name of modernization. Sometime last February when i entered my heaven on earth “MIT”. I was stunned and felt let down when we were welcomed by my juniors like “Welcome sir, How are you sir??”. I felt like i was not at the right place. We are not used being called as Sirs. We always used to feel a bit special when we are called as “Seniors” and in turn most of the juniors are not called out by names, they are called as “Juniors”. This created a unique bond between people belonging to different batches and created a family like environment.

There are multiple reasons that can be attributed to it. Reluctance and arrogance of the First year students is the primary reason. They complain for silly things and anti ragging squads booked even the innocent seniors as culprits. (As it has happened now). The junior – senior interaction, the T series concept made people feel at home at a place which is unknown to you. Not many staffs or people who does not value the MIT tradition would know this. But i am more than confident that the people coming in from remote areas and those who had respect for human values would certainly acknowledge that. The interaction might start with a sore experience of listening to unpleasant words and actions (but there is something called a tolerable limits, which when crossed should be dealt with severely). That is how i got 2 people whom i would cherish the most in my life. They help me in whatever i do, acting as my own brother and sister. I have seen and heard of certain people using the Anti Ragging law for their personal motives. There are a few who cross the line but shouldn we look at the larger profits?

I think its high time that people realize that this is a tradition that has helped many in their lives and needs to be preserved and persisted with. Put your silly complaints and personal motives behind and create an environment good for both juniors and seniors. Let the glory be restored. Hail MIT.



I was in the midst of a train journey. I felt something was not right. I wanted to smash the whole train in to pieces. I felt frustrated, when I saw people in groups. Wanted to kill them or burn them into ashes. There was so much hatred in my heart like never before. I was unusually silent and felt so lonely. I was clouded with so many thoughts in my head.. I have never felt like this before. I tried to concentrate and find a solution “Y the hell am I like this???“. But all I ended up was increasing the anger and frustration in my heart.

The train then came to a halt. I turned to my right to just look outside the window with a hope of finding something to change my thoughts. I felt some calmness returning and could feel tears rolling down my cheeks. Pleasant memories washed away all other thoughts that clouded me. The signage Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) brought about a smile in me. This happened just a day before my first day at work. All these are effects of growing up. I wish I never grew up.

Canteen Masala Dosa, Mess Kozhambu and appalam, Culturals, hostel stay-over, many fights and misunderstanding but amongst all of this, found what I can call my friends for life. Train journeys will never be the same without them. MIT is not the same anymore but it will be fresh in my memories forever. For all those who made my Bachelor’s a breeze, I will forever be thankful. On a closing note, I wish there comes a day when I can meet all my friends in the same hangar once again.