Disclaimer : I am supporter of no political party.

“No Stocks”, “We are out of stock” hoardings were posted across the city yesterday in the petrol bunks. Facebook walls/timelines are being updated with funny cartoons or agitated comments about the price hikes. (but for the 8 to 11 30 pm slot which was ruled by Dhoni and his men). In fact in some place across the city the traffic was blocked because of the queues in the petrol bunks. This situation has become a common sight in India off late. No wonder when the price hike is as much as 75% in 3 years.

But I have a question for all the guys who question. Aren’t you the same guys who take your Enfield out in the beach road to impress your Lover by showing her the Sun rise and Sun set?. Aren’t you the same people who use their scooters for going to the shop next street? You are the same person who did not care about the lights and fans that were left turned on in an empty room. Forgot to mention the racing on the each road and during the rain and owning a low mileage vehicle just for the sake of style.

The most common answer that people have got it “Life is to enjoy”, “Dude U cannot understand the feeling”. But what you people have failed to understand is that you are wasting non renewable source of energy. It is high time you people think of renewable sources of energy, car pooling, using public transport. There is no point in complaining always. We panic and react only at the time of crisis like we did after the Tsunami effect. We need to be proactive enough in securing our future not only financially. Last but not the least Yes i agree this a steep increase in the prices.

How can i miss the picture that made like laugh my heart out. Here it is.