Relay Shun Ships

What does the title tell you? Is it about ships, travel? Nope read the 3 words together. “Relationships”. We are born with nothing, but we lead the rest of our lives to find the perfect wavelength to strike a RELATIONSHIP with someone or a group.The definition for itself is complex. Some term their relationship status to be complex 😛 😛 :P. But some read it as the TITLE reads. Relay – Move on to the next person; Shun – Abandon; Ship – Object.

Not many would agree with whats said above. But believe me guys when you listen deep down to your own heart, you would definitely agree to it. I have seen people who have left their parents in dire straits for their selfish needs, they don understand when, what a friend expects (Some say expectations shouldn be there, but if you are human then you are bound to expect is my view. Else you are cheating yourself). Some do not even understand the term relationship for that sake. It’s okay to be numb to expectations of others, okay to be selfish and self centered, but to what extent? At times i too get the odd feeling that “its ok to be selfish n make urself happy rather dan making everyone else around u happy especially when there’s no value seen to wat u doin…”. But guys at the end of the day you should be who you are with some humanity in you. That’s why we are called humans. One common complaint that i hear from people is TIME factor. People always say they don’t find time, but we have to make time instead for the near and dear ones.

I often hear that “No Relationship lasts till death”. Sorry friends you are misled then. Its that relation that ends and not that relationship. Its not a obligation or compulsion that you have to be with your parents during their last days just because they are your parents, with your friends when they are in trouble just because they are your friends, we can do those thinking them to be normal human beings. Just that the above mentioned people share a “RELATIONSHIP” with us, we at times tend to make those people special. There can be small misunderstanding, small fights, forgetting important things but not always from one end. Being Human is a special thing. To err is human but not always. Having relationships like parents, good friends, siblings are a blessing  and the ability to express, emote is a special attribute god has given us. Never ignore a relationship, you are not only hurting a person but indeed losing something SPECIAL.

But what really happens is that as humans grow their thought process grows, but grows in a very weird way. Its easy to commit the silly mistakes but silliest of things causes greatest of hurts.

PS : Credits for a part of the last paragraph goes to my lovely sister Abi Kutty…