T20 and its after effects

“It’s raining sixes and fours at Panchkula – Tony Grieg”. This famous line was uttered by Tony Grieg during the ICL T20 tournament that was held recently. And it’s not true only with the ICL T20 but true for all the T20 tournaments. IPL has so far witnessed a minimum of 750 sixes and more than 1500 fours. This is a stunning figure. Sunil Gavaskar used to tell that his coach would ask him to go around the ground at least twice if hits the ball in the air during nets. But these days most balls are hit only in the air thanks to the shortest form of cricket.

The shots are being invented or rather being manufactured. The life of the bowlers has become even more difficult. T20 is more of a batsmen’s game. Nearly 450 runs were scored in the match between Super Kings and Kings XI in just 40 overs. So the run rate was more than 11 and over. Oops, this is really amazing. Boundary lengths were shortened for making T20 more interesting. But the balls are flying deep into the stands. Sometimes out of the stadium like the one Albie Morkel hit recently. Even the pattis(grandmas), aunties and girls of India have started sacrificing their MEGA serials for the sake of great action. This has put T20 above the test and ODI formats of the game in terms of viewership. And the support for T20 keeps increasing day by day. A chip over a short fine leg or a slog over mid-wicket draws a huge cheer than the one for the old-fashioned shots.

Will test cricket lose its charm because of this T20?? Will Hard Hitting be the mantra of cricket in future?? Will shots of players like Dravid, Sachin, Kallis, and Waugh which have been classical all life be remembered??