An art of life

Just if u find time go out and note the following people. People traveling in company buses, Student traveling by college or school bus, or else even in train. One thing thats so common in these people is that once they get in to the bus or train they fall asleep. I was not sure how comfortable sleep would be. Whenever i ask people they say they experience a good comfortable sleep. I have tried it a lot of times but i could not do that. Hats off to people who are professional at it. How are they managing to do that??? Don’t people feel insecure when i sleep when they travel??? I must learn this art of life very soon as i don’t know what to do in the 2 hours of my travel back from office and 1 and half hours when i travel in the morning to the office with all my colleague in deep sleep  :(…… Hope i get a company to speak or learn to sleep…….