Atlas and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar have a lot in common. According to Greek mythology Atlas is one who supports the world on his shoulders and according to me, Sachin is one who carries a greater burden than him on his BAT rather than shoulders i would say. The amount of burden that Sachin can be compared to none. Atlas reminds people of one more thing it shows the world to them. In case of Sachin, he means the world for True fans like me.


I would say proudly to my next generation that i had the privilege of watching GOD play cricket. I have seen him so near. What a huge honor it is. I am blogging on him on Diwali. Krishna killed Naragasura on this day while Sachin has killed many Bowlers(Caddick and Olonga know that better ;p) with his bat. The greatest privilege that Sachin got in his life was Him being compared to Sir Don by himself. Indians and many across the world would share my feeling that during 90s that if Sachin is dismissed India is done and dusted. Is this burden not enough?? Despite constant media attention, he has really kept his Private life Private. When people hair cut, quarrel with others, this man has been in news most of the time for his cricketing genius than few other exceptional cases.

What feature in him stuns me is that his humbleness. After completing his 12 000 runs he got out to a small error in footwork which he accepted in media without any shame. Only a great man can do this. People tell me that he is after records. If he is after records he could have got out after crossing Lara’s feat but he didn’t. He wanted to win rather say take India to a better position than get out. Even Dhoni ll accept take he would not have played well had Sachin and Sourav had not laid down a perfect platform. My question to his critics who is not after records?? You work well to increase your pay that’s a record for u. Man for God sake leave him alone.

If u have doubts in his commitment go and watch his innings against Pakistan in Chennai. He scored a 136 in a losing cause despite doctors warning that this could be his last match if he is going to take the field. He cried in the dressing room as India lost the match and refused to collect his MOM award. He made sure India made amends and India won then next test in Delhi thanks to JUMBO’S very special effort. One more example hear to what Tony Greig says after he guides India into the finals of Sharjah in 1998. “He goes for the victory” were Tony’s comments to be precise and he won the cup for India in the finals. A shot from that 136 vs pak

When he scored a patient 49 in Bangalore many questioned me Why didn’t he play aggressively and go for a victory?? He was too slow that is y the test ended in a draw. Hey people take a break once again i cant imagine what would have happened if he had played a aggressive shot and got out?? You people would have said he doesn’t play well in crunch matches bla bla bla… Regarding his retirement he knows when to retire. So please let the great man alone and there is still a few more years of cricket left in him let him enjoy his game. Happy Diwali people and I pray GOD that he makes Sachin win a world cup in his playing career(that’s a bit too much though but i am his true fan yar)… Hail the hero….

Many more to come on my Inspirational man. Sachin I(ndia) love(s) you……. Jai hind……..

6 thoughts on “Sachin: The Name that every fan chanted with Belief

  1. Sachin is thalai da.. Indian cricket itself owes to sachin very much.. Nobody has the right to question him.. and well his competitor is himself

  2. That was a great post… even I would love to write one.. I am waiting for a better occasion when he finally retires after lifting the WC in 2011.. I am confident that it is going to happen… [:)]

  3. good words… we ve no match to this legend… if cricket is a religion, then no doubt that sachin is its GOD…. (lots of grammar mistakes take care of that)

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