I was in the midst of a train journey. I felt something was not right. I wanted to smash the whole train in to pieces. I felt frustrated, when I saw people in groups. Wanted to kill them or burn them into ashes. There was so much hatred in my heart like never before. I was unusually silent and felt so lonely. I was clouded with so many thoughts in my head.. I have never felt like this before. I tried to concentrate and find a solution “Y the hell am I like this???“. But all I ended up was increasing the anger and frustration in my heart.

The train then came to a halt. I turned to my right to just look outside the window with a hope of finding something to change my thoughts. I felt some calmness returning and could feel tears rolling down my cheeks. Pleasant memories washed away all other thoughts that clouded me. The signage Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) brought about a smile in me. This happened just a day before my first day at work. All these are effects of growing up. I wish I never grew up.

Canteen Masala Dosa, Mess Kozhambu and appalam, Culturals, hostel stay-over, many fights and misunderstanding but amongst all of this, found what I can call my friends for life. Train journeys will never be the same without them. MIT is not the same anymore but it will be fresh in my memories forever. For all those who made my Bachelor’s a breeze, I will forever be thankful. On a closing note, I wish there comes a day when I can meet all my friends in the same hangar once again.

14 thoughts on “CAN I GET OVER??

  1. well an end is all a new beginning karthic…u l get used to this routine soon..this happens in everyone’s life!!!!

  2. hmm karthick.. remember the first day we met in college..?? that very first day.. enakum ainga yarayum theiryadhu.. then slowly i got over it.. i simply wanted to get back to school the very first day.. but though.. it was a new kind of an exp. one fine day you will overcome this.. jus like i overcame from longing for my school.. meeting and parting.. is the way of life.. as the famous saying goes. jus remember this saying also.. ” We meet to make memories and depart to preserve them.” so now it is your turn to preserve your memories of MIT and make new memories in ebay.. cheerup boy.. 🙂

  3. Each and every stage in our life is a lesson that we all should experience.U r already loaded with gem of people(friends), who knows u may add lots and lots of gem in the coming future.Loneliness is also good.Enjoy the essence of life.congrats for joining ur dream company……………..

  4. Dei..things change…make the best out of the new one…dont brood over the past…make another set of great memories…look fwd to it…life doesnt end here…move on da 🙂

  5. hey karthic…we both think alike…though everyone says ‘lets try to get used to it’ n stuff each person longs for the past good memories in the corner o the heart…its difficult to get dem back…still v’l meet up often so tat v don miss frens n coll so much…best thing wud be makin coll our hangout place once in a while…who’s got th guts to ask us “get out” !! v r the proud alumni 🙂 wat say???

  6. Hmm…. u know… i never have this feeling.,.. may be i never will… i m from that lot of ppl who ve hated their college right from day one…. I ve always wanted freedom from my college coz u must be knowing how crucifying the colleges from our trust cud be , 3 months out of college… i m only rehabilitating myself… rebuilding the inner psyche… Good that U ve had a nice college experience.

  7. Chewing the past memories with controlled emotions is always fine…
    Use your biggest weapon.. Your ability to make friendship in no time
    If u can make some indispensable life mates in 4 years, you can certainly in this long journey of professional career can make much more mates for you
    Better your efforts in every step
    Keep up your friens’s words :”Nee irukkum bodhu un friends ku lam enna karthik!!!”
    I still remember those words that u quoted those words one day in bund
    Make the statement true even for your office friends
    Go ahead
    Let your frienship juggernaut roll on forever

  8. yeah even I miss college.. happens., albeit anger doesn manifest itself in this situation. im sure i will be back bigger and better to this campus to give back to it. hope all who read the blog do that too. everything’s value is known only when you are deprived of it.

  9. machi ….. so moved da… good one…. i was thinking of something else…. but it all ends up in thinking abt college…. no body can never forget those days da…. but yes indeed we need to come over that ….

  10. memories are the treasures that life has gifted us with….and fondest ones give real pain when u miss them a lot…why try to get over such pleasurable pains in life?????

  11. life goes on and on …. i hope wish and pray tat u get more n more friends at e bay …. lets put aside the glorious past and make the future a glorious one …

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